music: the B-52’s loss

I forgot how great the B-52’s briefly were and what an excellent album Cosmic Thing is. Beyond the smash “Love Shack” (produced by Don Was) with Cindy Wilson’s immortal “Tin roof, rusted!” are several more great songs, including the eco-optimistic “Topaz” with Nile Rodgers playing 🎸😍 as well as producing, “Roam” with more sensational vocals (Kate Pierson’s “Oh girRRl dancing down those dirty and dusSsty trails”🎤), and this near-perfect pop song:

In the YouTube comments fans mention how it brings then to tears, apparently without knowing that the band wrote it in remembrance of guitarist Ricky Wilson (read the lovely “About” note on the Genius lyrics site), whose death from AIDS after Bouncing Off the Satellites forced the group into a three-year hiatus 😢. It shows how music can communicate a mood beyond and below words. The words themselves are simple and direct, but the shifting tenses – “I was good, We’re gonna find something, We’ll dance in the garden, Let’s go” – replace mere nostalgic reverie with present sentiment.

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