computers: put the screen above a laptop

If you search for “external laptop monitor”, most images show a screen beside the laptop. So you have to look sideways at it, or use a separate keyboard. Some even show a tray raising the laptop to the screen height (so you have to type in mid-air), or show a closed laptop, often with two connected screens, when you paid money for that laptop’s display, keyboard, and touchpad. It’s madness.

Every monitor should come with a stand with enough vertical rise to put an open laptop underneath it! I think none do. Apple solves this by selling a separate $999 Pro Stand… Someone should sell a mini riser for an external monitor that replaces its crummy built-in stand, plus a version that supports two quality speakers either side of the raised monitor.

monitor awkwardly placed to side of laptop
Nice monitor uselessly placed way off to side
Raise laptop up to monitor height, rendering its keyboard and touchpad useless
monitor lifted up on a stand with closedly laptop stupidly slid under it
The monitor’s own stand isn’t tall enough, but why close a valuable laptop?

I’m typing this staring straight at an external monitor that I’ve put on an 11-inch (28 cm) two-shelf box.

My way to raise a computer monitor (now it’s an Acer 1900×1200 monitor)

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