audio: still looking for a replacement speaker

Five years later, I’m still listening to audio through a Chromecast Audio dongle plugged into my aging Jambox!

I could get a soundbar, but they tend to be over 36 inches wide, too long to easily flip from facing my office area to facing the kitchen and dining room. What I should do is get a separate proper pair of high-end nearfield speakers on my office desk, but that’s a custom up-down adjustable motorized desk and it’s already leaning to one side due to all the crap I have on it.

Bluetooth speaker

I think all of these still come with 3.5 mm aux in sockets, though few come with any other kind of wired connection any more. Apparently Bluetooth is much better and doesn’t suffer dropouts; maybe third times a charm. They mostly operate/charge on USB C.

  • CNET recommends Soundcore Anker Motion Boom Plus for $180.
  • Wirecutter recommends Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series for $350 (!) with dopey ambient party lighting. Comes in a nice gray fabric.
  • PC Mag recommends the Astell&Kern Acro BE100, more an interior speaker, nice design for $450, and another vote for the SRS-XG300.
  • B&W Formation Wedge is $1,000 (!) and is Roon ready! No battery, not outdoor, and doesn’t have a 3.5mm adapter, instead has Ethernet or WiFi (and Bluetooth).

Maybe I should accept the hassle of repositioning two speakers, and just go for KEF LSX IIs for $1,400 (and $180 for the desk pad stands!) . They still have USB input, and Ethernet.

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