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audio: music reproduction in reverse

TheScraper mused in response to Gizmodo’s post about reconstituting an early recording: I sometimes wonder if current audio recording techniques will ever improve. When we think we’ve hit a brick wall, something else comes around. I remember when I first … Continue reading

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music: Steve Howe phenomenal guitar work

Yes were boxed in around Tales from Topographic Oceans, repeatedly moving back and forth between pastoral – martial! on long compositions, as you can still hear on the sprawling “Gates of Delirum” on side 1 of their follow-up Relayer. But … Continue reading

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music: “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll”

This documentary about Chuck Berry‘s 60th-birthday musical performance and tribute was surprisingly enjoyable, considering that I only ever want to hear four straight-up rock ‘n’ roll songs in a row. His songs all tend to chug along the same way, … Continue reading

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music: Shutter falls, all in 3D, foreign movie, Peg!

I enjoy and admire Steely Dan’s Aja, but I don’t quite love it to pieces like Gaucho. Then an afternoon watching drummers on YouTube (Jo Jo Mayer’s stickwork, Buddy Rich’s impossible drum solo) took me to Bernard Purdie and two … Continue reading

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music: piracy is wrong, copyright matters

The Trichordist tore into an NPR columnist who admitted to having 11,000 songs but hardly paying for any of them. Now Free Software guru Richard M. Stallman wades in, and gets it wrong. I criticize him thusly (originally on Slashdot … Continue reading

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music: “Don’t Disturb this Groove” near-great 12-inch

The System’s “Don’t Disturb this Groove” is a monster jam, filled with lush melodic touches and impassioned vocals with inventive vocal overdubs.So the 12-inch should be one of the greatest of all time!? Alas, nu-uh. It’s one of many unexceptional … Continue reading

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music: Blossom Dearie swings coolly, perfectly

Lo-fi but enchanting, maybe the best piano+female vocal I’ve heard At 0:39 the way she trills “surrey-with” and echoes the vibrato moments later in “fringe” is magic.  From 1:35 on her swung notes in winking, blinking, if-yur thinkin’ is right … Continue reading

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music: guitarist Steve Howe ignored

How can Steve Howe not be on the December 2010 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists list? He was winning guitarist of the year polls throughout the 70s!! Even if you ignore his skills on classical, fingerpicking, flamenco, pedal steel, and … Continue reading

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music: Jeff Beck grinds cats

I watched Jeff Beck: Performing this Week… Live at Ronnie Scott’s, and I’m hugely impressed but not quite thrilled. The man doesn’t play guitar, he plays Stratocaster; the whammy bar and volume knob are integral to his right hand technique … Continue reading

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music: Quincy Jones on respecting musical styles

I borrowed Q on Producing from the library. As the pretentious banner “THE QUINCY JONES LEGACY SERIES” across the top hints, it’s terrible, sycophantic hagiography woefully short on details of actual music production. But there are a few nice quotes. … Continue reading

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