music: this Bach guy is seriously good

In his solid interview with Sting and his long-time guitarist Dominic Cooper, Rick Beato asked “If you were able to meet one musician, go back in time and hear one musician play…” and both immediately answered Bach. So I checked the dude out. Spoiler: they’re not talking about C.P.E. Bach or PDQ Bach, it’s Johann Sebastian Bach.

His lyrics are seriously weeeeak, but damn his instrumentals are non-stop riffing. In this rocker “Violin Concerto In A Minor, BWV 1041: III. Allegro Assai In A Minor” (his song titles suck too) the lead violinist freaks out, then plays one note 72 times! Take that, Chris Difford of Squeeze, who runs out of steam after playing the same note 34 times in “Pulling Mussels (from the Shell).”

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