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computers: browser-based efforts

I wrote a year ago that when it comes to computers, I want to be browser-based — since I’m doing most of my work in the browser, let me do nearly all my work in the browser. Boot 2 Gecko … Continue reading

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computers: reporting bugs in a sea of versions and projects

Someone’s post When is a bug report useful? inspired me to comment. I have two great ideas in here bug systems should be aware of my distribution, version, and related packages software projects should provide a way to test drive … Continue reading

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How to”sign” documents so you can junk your Fax machine

Fax machines use a terrible scanner to send a grainy image of a page down a phone line, it’s last century’s technology that needs to die. And what is on that page? 99.7% of the time, it is something that … Continue reading

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software: how Live CDs can close the deal

I tried out the some new operating systems by booting them off a USB flash drive, including Fedora 15. Fedora 15 seemed to work fine on my hardware and looked promising, but it wasn’t dramatically better in a few fumbling … Continue reading

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software: Fedora 15 feedback

The Fedora 15 announcement says A list of the problems we already know about can be seen on the Common F15 bugs page,at If you find a bug that’s not found on that page, be sure it gets fixed … Continue reading

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computers: trying new distributions

I’m still running the Kubuntu flavor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, now up to version 10.10. It’s lovely that Linux distributions get steadily better for free, and thanks in a small part to my bug reports and testing.  The glitches … Continue reading

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software: Google/Android doesn’t know how to link

Why doesn’t Google/Android understand that “John Smith” or “Monk’s coffee shop” in an event, event location, or task refers to a contact in their own Contacts application? Continue reading

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